The Way of the Dodo


24x24, Oil on Canvas

I ordered a book once on extinct animals and was dismayed to find paintings. Where are the photographs? Then I realised, "They are extinct." This led me to wonder if I could do an accurate painting of these animals with enough research. So, this is what I did. What was their environment like? How did others interpret them, especially artists that painted or drew the Dodo when they existed? I looked up the Dodo's closest living relative, and found a blue dove like bird that looked nothing like the Dodo. So, I google "flightless Bird", and saw the similarities in their feathers. The Dodo to my mind kind of looked like a squat distorted Emu or Ostridge. This helped me. The legs and feet were similar but lacked the back toe of the Dodo. I enjoyed this project so much; I'm going to do more.

This painting will be showcased at the 2022 South Eastern Wildlife Exposition in South Carolina.